Mexico Will Pay For Our Government While It's Shut Down, Right?

GOP Total Failure of Leadership Results in Shut Down of Gov't While They Control All Three Branches (Yes, Donald, There are Three).

Call Your Representative Insist On A Deal That Includes CHIP and DACA Protection

Nazi Nerve Agent Made By Dow Chemicals, Supposed to Be Banned This Year, Allowed by Trump for Use on Fruits & Vegetables. Dow Gave Trump $1 Million

Elephants Better Express Sufficient Gratitude to Donald Trump or the Trophy Ban is Toast

Syria Is Signing the Paris Accord
The USA, Under Trump, Is Now the Only Nation On Earth to Refuse Climate Action

Where are the Pro-Lifers Now?
Researchers Discover High Rate of Miscarraige in Flint Where Water is Still Toxic

Too Much Healthy Breathing, Air Is "Too Clean"

Will This Be Detroit's Resurgence? Phoenix Almost Unihabitable By 2050

Trigger Warning: Science Ahead! How Climate Change Is Making Hurricanes Worse

Money, Money, Money! What Are The Costs Of Climate Change - Err, I Mean "Resiliency"

Blame It On The Rain: Climate Change Is Bringing The Rain

Catalonia Decalres Independence (Can the Blue States Do This, Too?)

Trump - "We Cannot Keep FEMA, The Military & First PR Forever"

1. It's Only Been Four Weeks
2. The Above Are Still in Florida and Texas
3. We've Been in Afghanistan for 16 Years

TRUMP, Relief Is Tough
Puerto Rico "Is An Island. Surrounded by Water, Big Water, Ocean Water"... Says the Leader Of The Nation First To Moon

My Button is Bigger Than Yours, And So Is My Toxic Masculinity

Nice Things Happen In North Korea Too, You Know! Figure Skaters From Authoritarian Regime Qualify For Olympics

This Should Be Good. Russia Ready To Work With North Korea To Solve Missile Crisis, Probably By Buying Facebook Ads

Dubya Criticized Trump's Decision To Include North Korea On The Travel Ban 

Trump in Asia
Already Found a Golf Course and Has a Date With Vlad

Doesn't "Blame" China for What He Called the "Raping of America", Allows Silencing of American Press

"Blactivist" FB Account Actually Russians Trying To Inflame Racial Tensions

Facebook Finally Shares Data On Russia Ad Purchases...But Zuckerberg Insists His Company Had No Effect On The Election

Wisconsin, Michigan Targeted with Russian Facebook Ads...Wonder How the They Knew To Target The 2 Most Crucial Swing States?

48% Of Voters Support Trump Tax Plan. No Data On If They Know What's In It Before Supporting It, Though

Trump Must Have Missed This Class at Wharton...

GOP Manages to Cut Medicare, Medicaid, Head Start, Pell Grants and ADD $1.5 Trillion to the National Debt

Pretty Much Still A Muslim Ban...Just With A Side Dish Of North Korea

Deja Vu All Over Again. Another Lawsuit Against The New, Improved Muslim Ban

Ban Banned AGAIN! Second Judge Issues Halt, Using Trump's Own Words To Stop It
Maybe You Should STFU For A Change, Trumpy?

Japanese Woman Literally Works Herself To Death With 159 Hours Of Overtime
She Worked In The Media, Wasn't Even Saving Lives Or Anything That Important

Jesus Christ, Santa Is Confirmed Dead?

@KFC Follows 11 People on Twitter: 5 Spice Girls & 6 Guys Named Herb - 11 Herbs & Spices. Kaboom!

Thoughts and Prayers and Rainbows and Unicorns
Another Mass Shooting, Another Day of Inaction
White Man With History of Domestic Violence AGAIN to Blame


Trumpy Logic: Blames Mentail Illness, But Signed A Bill Allowing Mentally Ill To Buy Guns

White Privilege on Display, Again
White Gunman - "Lone Wolf" and "The Price Of Freedom"
Muslims - Must Be Stopped By Any Means Necessary

Some Republicans Possibly Open To Considering The Idea Of Banning Bump Stocks
They Will Probably Be Thrown Out Of Their Seats For Such Heresy

Oh Look, The Khmer Rouge Has Found New Life at The NRA
"Academic Elites, Political Elites, and Media Elites. These Are America's Greatest Domestic Threats" - Head of the NRA

























Awkward, Pastor Denounces Trump With Pence in the Audience...Did Mother Help Hide His Red Face?

"Your Silence And Amnesia Are Complicity"
Cory Booker Blasts Nielsen As Rest of GOP Uses "Shithouse" For Deniability

Don Jr. Admits to Contact With Wikileaks During Campaign, And In Perfect Irony, Wikileaks Objects To The Publishing of Their Communications Out of Context

Well At Least We Know *Why* This Wholly Unqualified Dude Got Nominated For A Lifetime Judgeship

In "Not Normal" News Today: Former White House Advisor Suggests President's Political Opponent Should Be Executed

Trump Tweets For Death Penalty For NYC Terrorist Hours After Attack (A Big Thanks! From His Defense Attorney)
Is It Still Too Soon to Talk About Gun Control After Las Vegas Terror Attack?

Like Rush Limbaugh on Decaf...The Danger of President Pence and The Rise of the Radical Right

Good Luck Ever Getting Susan Collins to Repeal Obamacare - Maine Overwhelmingly Voted to Expand Medicaid

Record Level of New Obamacare Sign-Ups Despite Trump Administration's Attempts to Squash It

Just To Be A Dick, Trump Cuts ACA Subsidies
America Becomes More Like A Tin-Pot Dictatorship Every Day

Here's Our Punishment For Not Letting Congress Take Away Obamacare. The CHIP Program, which Insures 9 Million Children, Dies Today

Why Harvey Weinstein is Disgraced and Donald Trump Is President

Claire *heart* Samantha

Media's Determination To Pin Weinstein's Abuses on Hillary Just Proves If It Wasn't "The Emails" It Would Be Literally Anything

Anthony Bourdain Fell Into A Mansplaining Hole and Can't Get Out

Inches For Inches: Harvey Weinstein Is Not Unique

How Do You Raise A Feminist Son?

BBC Salaries Reveal Major Gender Pay Gap - Oh, Yeah, It's The Women Who Are Paid Much Less, In Case You Were Wondering

Really Heartening To See America Is Finally Having a Conversation About the Dubious Actions of a President 17 Years Later...While a Sexual Predator Sleeps Soundly in The White House

Sexual Predator Endorses Sexual Predator

Nice to Know Fictional President is Held To Higher Standard Than Actual President

Breitbart Dispatches Reporters To Alabama To Discredit Moore's Accusers, But Most Importantly To Deter Other Women For Ever Speaking Up Again

Rose McGowan's Twitter Account Suspended For Speaking Out Against Sexual Abuse, Meanwhile Richard Spencer Is Organizing A Potluck for the Next KKK Rally and @RealDonaldTrump Threatens Nuclear War

Can We Just Point Out That Theresa May is Wearing A Frida Kahlo Bracelet...

Women Have Mid-Life Crises Too, You Know
(This Article Could Also Be Titled, "God I'm Glad I Don't Wake Up At 4 AM And Worry - Yet")

Harvey Fucking Weinstein. Is Anyone Surprised By The Published Allegations Of Assault - Or His Totally Crappy Way To Excuse Them?
I Have Been Hearing This About Him Forever And I Live A Galaxy Away From Hollywood (Literally And Metaphorically) - What's Your Excuse, Miramax?

Don Jr. Wants To Drop Secret Service Protection... Wants More Privacy...Probably To Talk To Russians And Other Co-Conspirators

Not 1 But 3! Private Email Accounts Used Extensively By Javanka

Ivanka: Lower Your Expectations Of What She Can Do In The WH
It's Basically Wear Clothes, Swish Her Hair, Pout At Jared And Daddy, And Shop. No Policy Directives!

Analyzing Ivanka: America First Means Me First

Dems Seek To Have Kushner's Security Clearance Revoked
Because He's Lied, And Lied, And Lied About Russia

The Revisions Of Jared: Edits Financial Disclosure, Lists 70+ More Assets He "Forgot" Last Time

The Malta Files: Billionaires, Authoritarian Leaders, Trump, And Real Estate

Regulators - And Eventually Mueller - Dig Into Deutsche Bank Ties To Trump; Private Wealth Unit Loaned Over $300 Million, "Unusual"

Do As I Say, Not As I Do: Mar-A-Lago Applies For 70 Foreign Worker Visas In "Made For America" Week
Don't Even Get Me Started On Where All The Trump Crap Is Actually Made...

Looks Like It's Time To Give Up Hope That John Kelly Is There To Save Us...
Trump Lashes Out At Gold Star Family (Again), Calls Congresswoman "Wacky"

Trump's Leading Pick To Run The Census Bureau is the Author of a Book Titled "Redistricting and Representation: Why Competitive Elections Are Bad For America"

Undated, Unsigned, Unironic Ethics Waivers Plague The Trump Adminstration
Draining The Swamp... Right Into The White House!

Never Underestimate Trump's Ability To Make Grown Men Humiliate Themselves in Public

Is The Entire Point of the DOJ Lawsuit Against ATT/Time Warner to Punish CNN?

Bannon Out-Trumps Trump in Alabama

While Trump Distracts Us With His Tantrums, The Republicans Are Ripping Us Off In 51-50 Tiebreaker, Under Cover of Literal Darkness, Senate Votes To Give Immunity to Wall Street

What, No Monocle?
Tom Cotton Wears Tuxedo to Vote To Deregulate The Banks

Flake & Corker: He Sucks, USA in Peril, We're Outta Here
Murkowski & Collins: We'll Fix It For You

Ted Cruz Pivots From Using "Jerk" As A Noun To Describe Himself, to A Verb

Oh Sweet Jesus, We Can Thank Donald Trump This Too
Kid Rock In 2018?

GOP Topic of the Week: How to get a Child Molestor elected so a perjured Attorney General can resign and his replacement can fire a special prosecutor investigating a treasonous President

Tim Murphy Believes Abortion Should Be Illegal Except in the Cases of Incest, Rape and Impregnantion of His Mistress

In A Big FU To Trump, Montana Elects It's First Black Mayor, a Liberian Refugee

Robert Menendez Trial Deadlocked

Danica Roem Wins Virginia's 13th Legislative District
First Openly Tarnsgender Person to Win
Beat the Incumbent Who Penned The "Bathroom Bill"

US 1 of 13 Countries (including Saudi Arabia, Iraq & India) to Vote "NO" Against a Ban on Dealth Penalty for Being Gay

House REJECTS Bill Blocking Gender Transitions With Pentagon Funding... 24 GOP Voted Against

Uncle Joe Is Going Down On The Right Side Of History, Says Trans Rights Civil Rights Issue Of Our Time (Sorry, #takeaknee)

This Texas Woman is Our Spirit Animal

Why You Should Be Reading Amy Siskind's Weekly List...

Not All Of Poland Loves Trump - The Handmaid's Protest!

Journos! You Cannot Be Neutral In This Era. We Are Battling For Basic Norms.

Educate Yourself: Top 10 Media Manipulation Strategies
Learn To Identify Them, Call Them Out When You See Them

Is Devos Out? Maybe Not






















Please Let Her Be The One To Bring Them All Down
Omarosa May Have Secret White House Tapes

Manafort, Gates Surrender to FBI
Charged With Conspiracy Against the US Among Other Unseemly Sounding Things

Comrades, Let's Play Bingo... Russian Style!


Mueller Plays 4 Dimensional Chess While Trump Tries To Stack His ABC Blocks: Special Counsel Coordinates With NY State....Presidential Pardons Don't Apply

Sporadic, Convenient Amnesia Plagues Sessions Again


"Collusion Issue Still Open" Says Burr
If You're A Republican, This Means There Is Nothing To Be Found
If You're A Democrat, This Means They Are Finding Stuff And Being Meticulous

My Senator Is In The Hospital Is The New "The Dog Ate My Homework" 

We're Surprised He Didn't Claim to Be the Artist

Trump, American Media Inc, And The National Enquirer: Enquiring Minds Want To Know WTF Is Going On

Trump Hands Out Candy To Children Of Press Corps, Makes Weight Comments....Has He Seen Pictures Of His Own Ass?

The Notorious RBG Cuts Gorsuch Down to Size

Putin: "I May Not Leave Russian Presidency"
Subtext: "Over My Dead Body Will I Give Up Power"

FBI Investigates Kushner's Connection To Cambridge Analytica Bots

Information War: Billionaires, Big Data, Bannon and Brexit Are All Connected

Trump Takes His Ball And Goes Home
Ends His Business Advisory Councils
Basically, You Can't Quit Because I Am Firing You First! So There! Presidential As Always!

Facebook, Fake News, And Why You Probably Shouldn't Follow Louise Mensch

GOP Pro-Life Congressman, Who Pressured Mistress To Get Abortion, Will Resign At End Of Term. I Think That's After The 20-Week Limit, Though....

Congress Approves $10 BILLION For Border Wall
(Trying To Cut Taxes For 1% Too)
But At Least The Wall Will Keep Those Mass Shooters Out

George Soros Donates Bulk Of His Fortune To His Foundation Which Promotes Democracy And Human Rights Worldwide.
Quick, Someone Apply For A Grant To Help The US With These!

Trump Tweets To People of Puerto Rico - "Don't Believe The Fake News!"
Too Bad They Can't Receive the Message Because They No Longer Have Homes, Television or Power...

Trump Has A Searing Disrespect For Black Women
But Most White Supremaciscts Do, So...

This Is Why You Don't Write Things Down.... ICE Having Trouble Backing Up Trump's Lies About Immigrants And Public Safety, Shown Through (Duh) Emails

Too Much Stress?
Chill Out With A Catheart

I, for one, support the GOP tax reform plan